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Does Dog Food Go Bad?

By :John Penrod 0 comments
Does Dog Food Go Bad?

When it comes to feeding our furry friends, we all want the best for them. But have you ever wondered, "Does dog food go bad?" The answer is a resounding yes. Just like human food, dog food has an expiration date, and the type and amount of preservatives used can significantly affect its shelf life.

Why Preservatives Matter

Many commercial dog food brands use a plethora of preservatives to extend the shelf life of their products. Unopened canned foods, for instance, can last over two years from the date of manufacturing. Similarly, unopened dry pet foods can have a shelf life of over 18 months. While this might seem like a good thing at first glance, the reality is that many of these preservatives can be harmful to your pet's health in the long run.

Fetch Fresh Dayton: A Healthier Alternative

At Fetch Fresh Dayton, we prioritize your dog's health above all else. Our food is made monthly and delivered fresh to your doorstep. Because we believe in providing only the best for your pet, we steer clear of harmful preservatives. This means our food has a shelf life of about 6 months. While this might seem shorter compared to other brands, it's a testament to the natural and wholesome ingredients we use.

The Bottom Line

While longer shelf life might seem convenient, it's essential to ask at what cost? Preservatives might keep the food from spoiling, but they can also introduce harmful chemicals into your dog's diet. By choosing Fetch Fresh Dayton, you're ensuring that your dog gets the freshest and healthiest meals, free from harmful additives.

Remember, just as you'd want fresh and natural ingredients for yourself, your dog deserves the same. Choose wisely, and always check the expiration date before feeding your pet.

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